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Diamond Decking

At Diamond Decking quality is top of the list. We only use the best quality uPVC products to build our Caravan Veranda's as well as our garden decks. We only use Fensy's™ Premium deck boards - The best deck boards available in the industry. Our decks are designed differently to most others, which we believe makes them the best decks around.

White Upvc Deck Handrail
Beige Upvc Deck Handrail
Cream Upvc Deck Board - Diamond Decking
Beige UPVC Deckboard - Diamond Decking
Antique Oak UPVC Deckboard - Diamond Decking

Our decks are constructed to be as strong as possible and designed to give many years of trouble free enjoyment. That's why we give a 10 year guarantee.

​​Balustrade and Fencing

Our Posts and Balustrade come in three standard colours - White, Cream, Beige and four premium foiled colours - Golden Oak, Rustic Oak, Dark Green and Gayle Grey.


Our Balustrade and profiles are made using high grade PVCu that offers a class 1 fire rating. The problems associated with wooden alternatives are removed, giving a virtually maintenance free product that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.


We offer three different picket styles along with the option of 12mm toughened glass - see below. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Deck Boards

We use Fensy's™ Premium deck boards - the best quality deck boards available. Our advanced uPVC deckboards are designed to give a premium appearance whilst engineered to meet your needs and provide durability of over 15 years.


They come in six stylish colours which are shown to the right.


Cream and Beige make up our standard range.

Our Excel range is made up of Antique Oak, Driftwood, Woodland Green and Tawny. These deckboards use uPVC multi colour processing technology to give a dual woodgrain pattern giving them an unparalleled natural appearance.


All of our deck boards are embossed with a wood grain pattern to give them excellent slip resistance. They conform to British standard BS7976-2 for slip resistance. They are still slip resistant, even when wet.


They stay cool to the touch in summer and you can walk on them with bare feet without worrying about splinters.

Utilising co-extrusion technology and in-house recycling centre Fensys deckboards are manufactured with a high grade polymer outer layer and a partially recycled core of around 30%. This means the deckboards remain stable when heated by the sun, while incorporating a greener recycled element.

Don't worry about holding your computer up to your caravan to see which colour matches best. We always send out sample packs. We are proud of the quality the materials we use.

Driftwood UPVC Deckboard - Diamond Decking



Cream Upvc Deck Handrail
Foil Golden Oak Upvc Deck Handrail
Foil Rustic Oak Upvc Deck Handrail
Foil Dark Green Upvc Deck Handrail
Foil Gayle Grey Upvc Deck Handrail




Golden Oak

Rustic Oak

Dark Green

Gayle Grey

Woodland Green UPVC Deckboard - Diamond Decking
Tawny UPVC Deckboard - Diamond Decking







Wide uPVC Deck Balustrade
Square uPVC Deck Balustrade
Diamond uPVC Deck Balustrade
Glass Deck Balustrade

Wide pickets are available in all three standard colours and all four foil colours. Our wide pickets are 70x18mm.

Square pickets are only available in our three standard colours. Our square pickets are 30x30mm.

Diamond pickets are just our square pickets turned by 45 degrees so that you see the the corner of the picket instead of the face. Diamond pickets are only available in our three standard colours.

12mm toughened glass is available either clear, frosted or tinted. Glass can either be fitted using rails or 'D' Brackets.

Decking Summary

  • We only use quality products used to build our decks.
  • We use Fensy's™ Premium deck boards - the best quality deck boards available.
  • Our deck balustrade does not have unsightly brackets like most others.
  • Our shaped handrail fits directly into the posts giving a clean professional joint.
  • Our steps are properly engineered and meet British Standards (BS7377)
  • Our decks are maintenance free - they will not rot or rust. There is no need for seasonal painting.
  • Our products do not promote the growth of moss.
  • Slip resistant deck boards - Even when wet!
  • You can walk on our decks with bare feet without worrying about splinters.
  • Our decks stay cool to the touch - Even in summer.
  • Our decks are Class 1 Fire Rated.
  • You have the option of a Galvanised Steel Sub-frame
  • We also fit disabled access ramps, bolt-on steps and free standing steps.
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