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Diamond Caravan Skirting & Insulation

At Diamond Decking, We do caravan skirting differently. We have designed our skirting so that it is as effective as possible. As well as insulating your caravan and making it look complete, you can use the underside of your static caravan or decking as storage. We have three styles of premium caravan skirting available.

Easy Access Hollowboard Static Caravan Skirting

Our Easy Access skirting is made of two layers giving it excellent thermal insulation properties. It is available in White, Cream, Beige. Our Easy Access hollow board skirting has a two part trim at the top to enable quick access anywhere around your caravan or deck. You just simply remove the trim at the top and remove the required amount of panels. We do however provide small access panels which are just big enough to get you arm through to access the stop top or drain off point. We can fit lockable access doors for an extra cost. We install vents every five or six feet to conform to current gas regulations. As the hollowboard panels are double skin they also help insulate your caravan, keeping it warmer in winter and helping stop pipes freezing.

Premium Ranch Style Static Caravan Skirting

Although Ranch Style Skirting may not be the best skirting for aiding insulation, it certainly looks the best. Our Ranch Style Skirting has a unique look and provides natural ventilation to your caravan. This style of skirting is ideal for people that are looking more towards style and appearance than helping insulate their caravan. Access is provided by removable access panels. We would normally fit either two or three access panels to a normal caravan. Ranch style skirting stops debris building up under your caravan and gives it a complete look. This Is the only style of skirting available in four foiled colours - Golden Oak, Dark Green, Gayle Grey and Rustic Oak as well as our standard colours - Cream, Beige and White.

Caravan Underfloor Insulation

We also fit under-floor caravan insulation to static caravans. Some caravans, are not properly insulated under the floors. This makes some areas of flooring cold under your feet when temperatures drop. You can solve this problem by having insulation fitted. Aluminium bubble insulation membrane. Acts by trapping air within the bubble structure while creating low emissivity air spaces from foil-faced outer layers, enhancing overall thermal capabilities.

  • Thermal Resistance up to 1.497W/m²K

  • Reduces Risk of Condensation

  • Maintains Thermal Performance

  • Equivalent to 55mm Polystyrene

We can also fit insulation to any pipes that are underneath your caravan.

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